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  • Instrumentation превод на български
    For four and a half years I've been operating without any battery instrumentation.  Professionally I work in the field of battery charge estimation, algorithms that decide whether to light 1 LED or 5 LEDs.  My cousin recently gave me a ride in his Tesla Model S and pointed out the irony to my lack of battery charge gauging.  I simply make sure I don't drive more than 40~50 miles on a charge.

    When in a pinch I have read the voltage of a single cell with a voltmeter to get an idea, when fully relaxed these voltages are directly related to state of charge. 

    I've run out of charge only 2 times so far.  One time because I forgot to charge the night before.  And the other time is still a bit of a mystery.  I thought it was perhaps due to running the air conditioning over lunch break but that would not account for how much charge I lacked to get home.  Both times I simply called AAA and was done.

    There is a communication port on my battery management system and I've used it for diagnosis using a laptop and to log data using an iPhone.  The iPhone was really too small to be practical and was abandoned.  My family recently upgraded from an old iPad to a Kindle Fire and I've adopted the iPad with cracked screen to up my game.

    As a security feature it hides nicely under the passenger seat.  With this I can monitor and log voltages, temperatures, and current.  I hope to do some more data collection and efficiency calcs soon!

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April 20, 2018

  • Реалистичен пробег от 400 км обяви Audi за e-tron Quattro превод на български

    В този блог: Прогнозите ни за реалния пробег на Audi e-tron Quattro са потвърдени от компанията.

    Вероятно не малко хора са смятали, че обявеният преди около две години пробег от 500 км с едно зареждане за e-tron Quattro ще се окаже в известна степен далеч от реалността и днес вече знаем точно колко далеч...

April 19, 2018

  • Event: Acterra Shows How to Go EV превод на български

    Earth Day Event Makes Personal Electric Vehicle Connections

    On a beautiful Spring day in Palo Alto, Saturday, April 14, EV owners offered test drives and showcased their vehicles to attendees of the 2018 Earth Day Festival in Palo Alto. The event was put on by Acterra, a Palo Alto-based group that brings people together to create local solutions for a healthy planet. As an Acterra EV Ambassador, I brought my Kinetic Blue Bolt EV, and was joined by owners of Nissan Leafs, Volkswagen e-Golfs, BMW i3s, Fiat 500es, Teslas and other popular electric vehicles.

    Acterra EV Event

    The chance to drive an EV before you buy

    I was one of the folks who left their car parked and had many interesting conversations, answering questions and demonstrating features of the car, while helping people understand how much fun it is to drive an EV, and how we deal with their few shortcomings.

    My car was first in line of the staged vehicles, next to a VW e-Golf and Nissan Leaf–two direct competitors. We owners had fun chatting when no visitors were around. Everyone has a story. The VW e-Golf next to my car was a late ’16, so the lease deal was amazing; after a significant down payment, just $75/month! The white ’16 Leaf behind it, owned by my friend Greg, was purchased used, at a significant cost saving over a new one. That’s a good example of how to get into EV driving without a huge initial outlay.

    A Chance to Get Behind the Wheel

    Acterra EV Event

    This event answered all of the questions

    Not only were cars on display, but a number of them were also available for test drives, as seen by the orange Bolt, black BMW i3 and silver 2018 Leaf driving through the area in the photo. This gave attendees a chance to get behind the wheel and viscerally sense the smooth, quick, quiet EV benefits. There were three Bolts available, as well as the two stationary ones, so we were well-represented.

    There were information booths, including Acterra, charger manufacturer ChargePoint and the City of Palo Alto. I spoke with Hiromi Kelty, City of Palo Alto utility program manager, who told me that 20 percent of Palo Altans drive EVs compared to three percent statewide. She also told me about the EV charger rebate that organizations in Palo Alto can receive when they install EV chargers–up to $30,000. For more information, go to cityofpaloalto.org/electricvehicle or call (650) 329-2241.

    Toys Allowed

    Some folks brought their toys

    I showed my car to dozens of people and had some interesting conversations. I allowed one 6-foot-5 man to adjust my seat, steering wheel, and mirrors to see if he fit in the car and could see if he was driving. The good news is that he did fit! The bad news is that it took a while to get my driving position back to normal. But I was glad to do it.

    One man, who was sharing rides in his new Tesla Model 3, brought along a battery-powered skateboard. At $1,500, it’s an expensive toy, but could be useful for traveling between mass transit and your workplace–or for good clean fun. I declined a test ride.

    When the session was over, around 1:30, we put away our signs, folded our tents, and drove our EVs home. It felt like a worthwhile experience. I only hope that someone we spoke with will decide to get their own EV.

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April 18, 2018

  • Нова пауза във фабриките на Tesla за оптимизации до края на тази седмица превод на български

    В този блог: Нова 5 дневна пауза във фабриките на Tesla за оптимизация на работния процес.

    Автоматизацията безспорно увеличава производствения капацитет в пъти и помага много на компании като Tesla които са под сериозен натиск за постигане на зададени цели, но вече стана ясно, че прекалената роботизация всъщност не носи желаните резултати.

April 17, 2018

  • To Expand Electric Car Production, China Lifts Restrictions on Foreign Automakers превод на български

    The Volkswagen-JAC iEV7S concept

    China said today that it would soon make it easier for foreign automakers to fully own auto factories in the country. China has long required major carmakers to partner with a Chinese firm before building a factory. The rules will be relaxed as soon as late 2018 for makers of electric vehicles—while companies producing conventional vehicles would continue to face ownership restrictions for about five years.

    The shift is part of China’s efforts to accelerate the production and use of electric vehicles. China is already the world’s largest EV market, surpassing the United States in 2015. The government wants to put 7 million electric vehicles on its roads by 2025. Electric vehicles are among 10 key industries in Beijing’s “Made in China 2025” plan—intended to make the country more self-sufficient.

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April 16, 2018

  • A Not So Revealing Story превод на български

    We welcome constructive criticism, but those who care about journalistic integrity should strive for the truth above all. Unfortunately, the writers at Reveal have published an article that paints a completely false picture of Tesla and what it is actually like to work here. In our view, what they portray as investigative journalism is in fact an ideologically motivated attack by an extremist organization working directly with union supporters to create a calculated disinformation campaign against Tesla. The piece even includes an interview with Worksafe – the same organization that the UAW enlisted to publish a negative report against Tesla last year, and whose board includes labor union officials and advocates.

  • Нова статистика показва под 10% загуба от капацитета на Tesla батериите след 250,000км превод на български

    В този блог: Батериите на Tesla губят под 10% от капацитета си след навъртяни над 250,000км.

    Деградацията на батерията е едно от най-големите притеснения за собствениците и потенциалните купувачи на електрически автомобили, но поне собствениците на Tesla могат да си отдъхнат леко, защото последните новини около издръжливостта на техните батерии изглеждат доста обнадеждаващи.

April 15, 2018

April 14, 2018

  • Nissan LEAF продажби – растеж и сравнение с Qashqai, Micra и Juke превод на български

    В този блог: Повече LEAF продажби през март и скъсяване на "вътрешната" дистанция.

    По данни от PushEVs през март 2018 в Европа са продадени 6,503 Nissan LEAF електромобила, което е с над два пъти повече от продадените в Япония 2,997 и над 4х продадените в САЩ 1,500 броя...

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April 12, 2018

  • Volvo представи първия си електрически камион с 300км пробег превод на български

    В този блог: Първият електрически камион на Volvo тръгва по улиците на Стокхолм.

    По-рано тази година шведската група Volvo Trucks обяви, че ще пусне електрическите си камиони oще през тази година и ще започне да ги продава през 2019. И ето че вчера бе обявен официално първият модел, който носи името Volvo FL Electric.

  • Eli Motors пуска предварителни резервации за Eli ZERO MSRP срещу $7,700 превод на български

    В този блог: Семейството на малките електрически буби се увеличава с още едно попълнение тази година.

    Казват им Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEV) или квартални електромобили и по размера, и скоростта, която развиват, това определено им отива...

  • Нова анкета на NewMotion сочи Model S и ZOE като най-популярните електромобили в Европа превод на български

    В този блог: Най-новата анкета на NewMotion показва най-предпочитаните електромобили в Европа и Англия за първите три месеца на 2018.

    NewMotion прави периодични анкети със собственици на електромобили из цяла Европа в опит да дава актуална информация за развитието на сектора и нагласата на хората и техните предпочитания.

  • Audi пуска истинска версия на e-tron Vision Gran Turismo за Formula E превод на български

    В този блог: Е-tron Vision Gran Turismo ще бъде новата водеща кола на Formula E състезанията.

    Миналата година Audi стана първият немски автопроизводител присъединил се към Formule E след напускането на Le Mans и а съвсем скоро компанията ще засили още присъствието си в електрическите състезания...

April 11, 2018

  • Not so prickly: driving the revamped Citroen C4 Cactus превод на български
    Citroen C4 Cactus v2

    Citroen C4 Cactus
    Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
    Good: New safety options, comfy seats, super suspension
    Bad: Lots of scratchy plastic, narrow cabin, cattle-class in the back
    Price: from £17,965

    Citroen’s C4 Cactus made its debut, in concept form, in the autumn of 2013. It set a new styling template that has proven very successful for the French brand. High-set running lights, separate headlamps and a rounded oblong grille provided a distinctive face, while clean surfaces and plump rounded forms ensured an open and friendly demeanour.

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  • Utilities Want More Electric Cars Charging on the Grid превод на български

    Utilities are not concerned about the effect of mass adoption of electric cars on the grid. In fact, they are incentivizing higher EV sales.

    Every couple years, the notion that increased use of electric cars will bring down the U.S. electric grid is revisited. The alarmist stories are ironic because, in fact, utility companies want to see a steep rise in EVs—because cars that use electricity for fuel represent a new revenue source, as well as a means to shift demand for electricity to hours when the grid is underutilized. (See “Electric Vehicles and the Smart Grid.”)

    It’s becoming harder for EV-doubters to sound the alarm about the grid—considering how utilities across the country are offering attractive perks, such as these:

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  • Hyundai планира електро версии на своите малки и големи камиони за 2019-2022 превод на български

    В този блог: Hyundai с намерения да електрифицира търговските си и тежкотоварни презозни средства от 2019.

    Намираме се в разгара на прехода към по-екологичен транспорт и всеки изминал ден се случват положителни промени макар все още да не можем да ги усетим по желания начин...

  • Индийска електричка на три колела само за 3,700 евро превод на български

    В този блог: Малка градска електро триколка тръгва по индийските пътщища до края на тази година.

    Малките електромобили винаги предизвикват голям интерес и най-новото попълнение в този сегмент от индийската компания Strom Motors със сигурност няма да остане по-назад в това отношение...

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