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Откачени хора! на 2 колела....

Публикувано: 08 юни 2014г. 23:21
от SuriCat
Нямам какво да кажа. Линка по-долу говори сам за себе си, и казва достатъчно.........


Re: Откачени хора! на 2 колела....

Публикувано: 07 юни 2015г. 19:31
от infernus
Тия освен че са откачени, правят най-бързите "колела" (малко трудно според мен да наречеш нещо, което развива 130 км\ч колело), няма заводски по-бързи. Някои от тях са се доказали на писта, други са направени от 0, без да използват колело за донор. Всичките са DIY, отделно има един, който е публикувал книга за неговото DIY. Абе ЗВЕРОВЕ! Ето и лист-ът с постиженията, на някой ако не му се отваря сайта:

List of exceptional achievements from this list
Purpose Built Ebikes
The Dogati bike, the Farfle, and the liveforphysics death bike (2nd incarnation) are the bikes built from scratch to be electric bikes. (read our purpose built e-bike story)
Race Proven
The Liveforphysics bike and the Thud E-bikes are the bikes that were race proven, racing on twisty swirvey race tracks against other electric bikes and also gas-powered bikes. Motomoto’s bike and the Dogati are also race worthy given that they are lightweight and well balanced, but have not yet been raced.
Custom Built Motor
Of these bikes, the Farfle bike and the Cedric Lynch have custom built motors.
Mid Drives
To be honest its considered rather easy in the DIY community to build an awesomely fast hub motor powered bike (read our hub motor hot rod primer). All you really need is a fat wallet and the right list of components (battery, controller, and motor) which guys like Dr Bassand Zombiess, can sell you (greasypants will sell you a book to help you choose which components to buy). Hats off to the guys on this list who did it the hard way with mid drive motor systems. These mid-drive builders are – Liveforphysics, MotoMoto, Cedric Lynch, Dogati, Recumbence, and Thud.
Best Hub Motor Job
Farfle took hot rodding a hub motor to a new level. Read about his elaborate hub re-build here. With over 90 of hours of skilled labor into this motor, Farfle invested heavy into making one of the fastest electric bikes ever.
Most reliable Speedster
Of all the machines on this list, only one has been used as a commuting device, and has been driven thousands of miles. Hats off to Cedric Lynch for building the undisputed most practical speedster on this list. The Farfle bike deserves mention because he has claimed to put over 1,000 miles on this bike commuting.
Most efficient Speedster
No contest here either. Cedric Lynch wins this hands down with his recumbent complete with aero-fairings. Car manufacturers do wind tunnel testing for a reason….the faster you go over 25-MPH, the more energy you will throw away to wind resistance. Going fast is very inefficient unless you can deal with the wind resistance factor…which Cedric has done.
Road Legal Award
All of these machines in this list would be over any federal limit definition of “electric bike” so therefore all these electric bikes would be considered to be illegal in most countries. All except for one. The Cedric Lynch machine has turn signals, headlights, horn etc, and actually has a license plate, making it completely street legal as motor bike. Unfortunately Cedric’s bike would also win the “booby prize” because I discovered later this bike does not have pedals.
Entrepreneur Spirit Award
Although nearly everybody on this list tried to make money off their electric bike ideas, 2 have seemed to make enough to make a living off of it. The entrepeneur spirit award goes to Cedric Lynch and Greasypants. Cedric Lynch’s motors are sold all over the world in high performance electric vehicle applications such as E-motorcycles, and Greasypants’ electric bike E-book is one of the most predominant electric bike products on the web, which is clearly sold at a great profit. Greasypants has a real knack for internet marketing.
Independent Spirit
Only one of these builders it seems has made no attempt to make any money out of his electric bike creation, and in fact has spent probably more money per operational mile on his creation than anyone on this list. The independent spirit award goes to Liveforphysics, who seems to build his bikes for the pure fun and belief in promoting the electric bike cause. There is no “secret sauce” to LFPs creations…he shares all the info from his builds with pics, and his videos show the sheer joy on his face and also those around him.

Re: Откачени хора! на 2 колела....

Публикувано: 10 юни 2015г. 10:03
от cityel
Това е откачено!
Веднъж правих e-bike kit "Спийд модел 2" с един контролер 2,5 киловата и вдигаше 75-80 км/ч., и беше ужасно.
Е такъв беше моторът:
http://lcd.alle.bg/8b146c9d63urn-jpg-96 ... 5qo18j.jpg
Направих 2-3 кръгчета и го развалих. Според мен е нужно да си е мотор конструкцията, а също и гумите да са от мотор (дебели).

Re: Откачени хора! на 2 колела....

Публикувано: 16 юни 2015г. 23:46
от infernus
Е тия от снимката дето си постнал не са много тънки, и с тях ли беше нестабилно?
Абе да не си карал някъде из дупките (то май вече без дупки няма....) :lol: